An important number of EU reports are emphasizing structural weaknesses among Member States in dealing with corruption and state capture, in addition to stressing the importance of sharing best practices and knowledge.

There are, however, relatively few analyses on SOEs, given also the very broad spectrum of entities under this name and the variety of ownership structures and corporate missions (central, local, subsidiaries, commercial entities, autonomous administrations, fully or partly state-owned etc); and even fewer attempts to actually measure the misappropriation of public budgets from such entities. Thus, the project addresses an issue that is affecting a wide range of EU countries.

The project seeks to highlight the link between good corporate governance of SOEs, for which there are already well-developed evaluation methodologies (e.g., OECD’s Corporate governance guidelines for SOEs, currently under revision) and the economic performance of these entities, meaning judicious use of public resources.

The project also proposes an innovative, comprehensive approach to evaluate risks of state capture and corruption in SOEs across the EU, by combining corporate governance issues with indicators of economic performance to identify misappropriation of funds and with the responses of the judiciary and administrative bodies to such acts of funds misuse.