The phenomenon of clientelism is undermining both the governance and the economic performance of the state owned companies, spanning across a wide spectrum of often illegally or economically inefficient activities that eventually lead to the misappropriated use of public resources.

Our project will measure the level of clientelism towards state owned companies in four countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy) providing insights and assessing the good governance of the SOEs and their vulnerabilities towards corrupt practices.

Two set of common indicators will be put forward, with a first of  indicators benchmarking the state owned companies’ governance, including level of transposition of national regulations, EU/OECD guidelines and practices, focusing mainly on the implementation procedures for corporate governance.

Secondly, a set of common indicators benchmarking economic performance of the SOEs, that will provide a snapshot on how much public resources are misappropriated used due to the phenomenon of clientelism.  This type of approach will allow both comprehensive cross country reports and comparative analysis on the SOEs in all four countries.